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Client Feedback


We include a selection of comments from this decade:

31-03-11 Sheila Stead

What wonderful holidays I spend at Tremisana Lodge. I have been there 3 times now and next time I visit South Africa, another stay will be on the top my list. What I really like is how well the staff take care of you (I am 74 years old) and nothing is too much trouble for them. I love the informal meals, particularly the evening braais (barbeques) and find the food well cooked and presented. The rooms are very comfortable with typical African decor so apt for the surroundings. I found I was unable to do the walking safaris, so another 'function' was organised for me..........where else would you find this. I loved the safaris into the Kruger National Park and private Game Reserves and the staff ensured I didn't have to climb up on the back of the vehicle but gave me a first class seat next to the game ranger!!! I saw the big 5 two days running and many other animals and bird life.
Everything is totally organised from being collected at the airport to the entire holiday being planned


A friend and I went to Tremisana Lodge in October 2010 and LOVED it! If you're looking for all the bells and whistles of a luxury lodge with such things as champayne breakfasts and pompous 'hunting' type guides then you'll be better suited elsewhere. If you want a relaxed but well organised, educated and 'homely' feeling trip to the Kruger and surrounding areas then this is your stop. We were picked up in Joberg from our door and embarked on the 5hour journey to Kruger territory. On arrival we were greeted with refreshments and shown to our lovely lodge room (very clean, tidy, spacious, and comfortable beds). Over the course of the next 3/4 days we were treated to sunset, sunrise, daytime, and evening safaris within Tremisana and it's surrounding lands (no fences within the Balulle region, therefore you can drive through many private reserves within your trip). In addition to these you are treated to a full day in the Kruger itself. Bongani our main guide was exceptional! In addition to his wonderful smile and sense of humour he is well experienced with the area and educates you aswell as entertains you throughout the duration of your entire stay. The other guides and host Pearl were also wonderful. I could go on and on about the entire trip (haven't mentioned the breakfasts outside, where one day a giraffe came to join us), but you just need to know that if offers everything you need in regard to experiencing the beauty and animal life of South Africa. One person wrote a negative review in regard to the guides when they are in Kruger and having to 'stick to their map and itinerary' I strongly contest this, our day in Kruger was amazing and Bongani was in constant contact with other guides and driving off schedule to find new and exciting experiences - he was also amazing at anticipating when something was going to happen near by. Best value for money I could find, and I was not dissapointed.

Buffalos in front of lapa

30-11-10 Jorge Ehlers

“ Thank you for giving us the experience of a lifetime ! All the staff and guides were brilliant and made our stay very enjoyable. The Kruger Park was great – there is nothing like having over 50 elephants surrounding our open vehicle !
These open vehicles are awesome – they provide a better experience and a unique encounter with wildlife. We only missed the leopard so you can bet that we shall be back for sure ! Thanks again ! ”

25-11-10 Read and Jayanne Bridges

“ We cannot even begin to express our gratitude for all that Viva Safaris has done for us ! This entire experience was incredible – something we shall cherish in our hearts forever. Bongani was absolutely wonderful and really worked hard to show us all the animals. We are forever grateful. Delina was also wonderful and the entire staff made this experience something we shall never forget. Thank you all so very, very much ! ”

25-01-10 Sinead Delaney

Staying at the Tremisana Camp (1stdec until 5thdec 2009) on the last few days of our 2weeks holiday was the most amazing finale to an amazing holiday. The staff there were so welcoming and friendly and the way they joined us and the other only couple that were there at the time for dinner every night was so nice it felt like you were a part of the family. Lena and Bongani were just fantastic and when we were leaving it was almost like saying goodbye to good friends!!! Our last night was when we managed to complete the big five and it was in the most amazing way as we got a flat tyre in the dark while surrounded by a pack of 15 lions, lioness and cubs........... took our breath away and will be memories I will treasure forever from the bottom of my heart, thank you. We will be back for sure!! Best wishes and Happy new year, Sinead and Daniel from Ireland.

27-02-09 Kasper and Tina:
“Dear All. Thank you very much for a fantastic experience. You really have a great and lovely place here. We felt at home from the very first night. We find it fantastic that you are flexible and always thinking about how to improve and optimise our stay. Great food, good guides and friendly attitude at all times. We shall return !”

21-02-07 : Amelia Clark, London, UK
“ Absolutely fantastic trip. Saw wildlife beyond my wildest dreams. Our guide made the trip even more funwith all his knowledge and great sense of humour and I know all the other clients with me felt the same. Super place – and fantastic food to boot ! Send me the soup recipes ! Thanks for a truly relaxing adventure.”

17-09-06 : Yolandi and Johan
“ What a great experience. Thanks a million. You are all the best !!!!!!”

19-07-06 : Laura Hendrick, Jersey, Channel Islands
“ Had a brilliant time. We were really lucky and saw the big 5 which was just fantastic. We had really good guides with binocular vision that never failed us. The pride of lions that we saw on the Night Drive was unforgettable.”

25-11-05 : Karina Huddleston, Adelaide, Australia
“ I had the most amazing holiday. It was everything I hoped for ! The guides were brilliant and their knowledge and passion for wildlife was inspirational. Thank you.”

17-07-05 : Louise Cowe, Edinburgh, Scotland
“ The most amazing experience of my life. Wonderful nature, wonderful people and wonderful food. You are inspirational and amazing. You reach the heart and mind with your passion and enthusiasm. Thank you.”

10-09-04 : Mangeshikar Tilu
“ We had an exhilarating experience. The Staff of Viva Safaris gave the term ‘service’ a whole new meaning. Thank you all. We’ll be back”

04-03-04 : Martin and Nel Ellis, Delden, Netherlands
“ Compliments to the staff of Tremisana for everything, especially the food. The guides went to their limits to give us a fantastic safari experience ”

01-08-04 : Matt Bradley
“ This has been one of the great experiences of my life to date. Watching the lions was breathtaking. All the staff have made us feel very comfortable and very welcome. Thank you guys and girls ”

11-08-04 : Fran Thompson
“ Awesome in the true sense of the word. We loved our room and the hospitality. I shall never forget the sights I have seen and the people I have met here ”

16-10-03 : Aislig Joyce, Dingle Rd, Kerry, Ireland
“ Absolutely overwhelming experience. I thoroughly enjoyed every second, even if I was scared !!!. Thanks to everybody… will definitely recommend to all at home. Thanks ”

30-08-03 : Karel Cerven, Afghanistan
“ Great safari trip. Really close up to four of the Big Five. Nice, intimate tours, will recommend. Thanks, guys ”

31-01-03 : Kate Higgie and Paul Barrett, Leeds, UK
“ Made to feel more than welcome. Had a fantastic time, being educated more in the last four days than in the last four years. Hope to call in again”

24-08-02 : Arvind and Priti Kafoor, India
“ Thank you for a wonderful and unique experience – memories that we shall always cherish ”

05-07-02 : Niamh O’Brien, Galway, Ireland
“ The best time ever – thank you so much. Amazing ! Service fantastic; guides one in a million; experience unforgettable. Thanks so so much ”

13-01-02 : Zainab Shaik , Karachi, Pakistan
“ Was given a warm welcome by the lions waiting virtually at the reception of Tremisana Lodge, which was fascinating. … Full marks to Delina for her wonderful cooking ”

01-11-01 : Ricky and Kylie Brackfield, Paraparaumu, Wellington N Z
“ Brilliant trip. Had a fantastic time, cool place. Will recommend. One of the best experiences for us so far ”

04-03-01 : Sveinn Sveinson , Reykjavik, Iceland
“ Thank you all very much for an enjoyable stay and a GREAT time ! ”

08-01-01 : Graciela Paullier , Montevideo, Uruguay
“ A great time……. Wonderful place……. many thanks ”



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